Operational since 2013, this WebSDR is located at Sedona, Arizona. SDR software for this site is provided by Pieter-Tjerk, PA3FWM. (Special Thanks to Clint, Utah SDR, for extra audio and other features.) For more information about WebSDRs worldwide, visit http://www.websdr.com.

Located at Phoenix,AZ "Kiwi" SDR - .01 to 30MHz/
Other Western US WebSDRs (Recommended) KFS SDR (Half Moon Bay) and Northern Utah SDR

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To renew your Cache, press "Control-Shift-R."

Operating Hints for this Receiver:
-- When you sign in, the "Memories" function will recall and display your previously saved frequencies, modes, and bandwidth settings.
-- You can use the space bar to mute/unmute this rcvr. If you hold your keyboard's "CTRL" key down while clicking on the SDR "Mute" box, your spacebar becomes a mute/unmute control.
-- If the orange tags are wrong or missing from the tuning dial - it can happen - just place your curser in the waterfall and left-click. Voila!

-- You can directly open this WebSDR with a specific frequency and mode using a customized link. For example,"http://w7rna.dyndns-remote.com:8901/?tune=5000" tunes to 5000kHz WWV.